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I had ordered online from this business 3-4 years ago, with out any trouble.But obviously, they've changed owners, or downsized, something, because this is the worst service, and fraudulent business Ive ever had to deal with.

Let me start by saying I had ordered some items back in July/2011, now because of my own procrastination, I paid the extra $40-$50 dollars on express shipping, which is clearly marked 2day air fare/FexEx. It came in time, so I wasnt really too upset, except that they dont do FedEx, it came United Parcel, but again, I needed it by a certain day, and it did arrive on that day. Now I ordered some more items at the 2nd to last week of Aug, because I needed an outfit for another special occasion the 2nd week on Sept. It didnt arrive until after I needed it, and then, all three items didnt come together, and I still havent received one of the items?

So I give them another try because I have a month for a new pair of boots to come? I still don have them, NO ONE will answer the phone, NO ONE will answer an email, or even send tracking info? But the money has been taken out of my account? So one would think that'd mean hey were on the way?

That was almos a month ago? Again, like I mentioned no none will answer anything, there is no communication, no way of contacting anyone? Oh I also, wanted to mention, the send me newsletters, with discount codes, and everytime you entr it, it says its expired? They say it expires after 5 days from the email, I oredered 3 days after the email newsletter came, but the wont offer there discounts anyway, and guess what happenes when you try to contact them to ask?

NOTHING!Ive told many of my gal pals about this place, because we are all in the business, but you can believe I will posting on all of our websites, and our work bulletin board for no one to order from this company, because its apparent to me that they dont care, I will be posting to the better business bureau also, I proll should have checked with them 1st, but because a few years ago I didnt have a problem, I didnt see a need too, my mistake

Review about: Online Order Processing.



Ordered from the same retailer, same story. Money out of account, no merchandise, no tracking information, no return communication.

Guess I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well, and try to take some sort of legal action.


Well, Its now November 17th, and I still have NOT RECEIVED my order, or been given any kind of notice, no money has been put back on my card! Good thing it didnt ruin the Halloween party I had ordered them for! AWFUL, NEVER AGAIN!

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